The Potter Family / by jennica hookstra

What's better than a beautiful fall day to capture some family fun?  Justin Bieber releasing a wicked new song?  Close!  How about sitting at one of my favourite coffee shops beside Sara Quin, from Vancouver's very own Tegan & Sara?  Well I'm not going to lie, that was probably the highlight of my day...  However, hanging out with the awesome Potter family, was a very close second!

The weather was perfect.  A crisp, cool, fall day was just what the doctor ordered!  The leaves on the trees arranged in colour from green, to yellow, to orange and to brown.  To me, this time of year is the BEST for photographing.  We spent some time walking around Gastown, eventually ending up down by the water.  Their son was full of life and kept all of us laughing the entire time.  I had so much fun with the Potters and I am grateful that they chose me to capture their beautiful family.

Now, an irrelevant blog post song but it's too good not to post...

Post Song:  Justin Bieber - Sorry