Boating Adventures / by jennica hookstra

I absolutely LOVE the water.  Whether I am on it, in it, or right by it, I am always in my happy place.

We spent the weekend island hopping from Bowen to a tiny little private island called Alexandra, surrounded by the larger, Gambier.

On Bowen, we pulled in just as the sun was setting.  We sat down to enjoy some delicious pinots, and ate our body weight in cheese.  We then did our best to work it off by playing some hilarious games and taking an evening stroll.  The next morning, much to our surprise, we awoke to a farmer’s market as well as a classic car show and shine!  What a treat!  We purchased some delicious pastries and wandered around checking out all of the chrome.

Shortly after, we packed up and headed toward our next destination.  We arrived on Alexandra and went exploring.  It was cooler, greyer and damper than it had been the last couple of months.  However, we were happy to enjoy the drizzle, as our forests have been in dire need.  As Vancouverites, when has rain ever stopped us from doing anything anyways?

Our final day on Alexandra was spent swimming, paddle boarding, barbecuing and venturing out on the dingy.  We sipped bourbon, watermelon lemonades and feasted on grilled quesadillas in the sun.  It was a perfect ending to our amazing weekend.

Until the next Adventure friends!

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