The Dirty Apron Cooking School / by jennica hookstra

My foodie friend Sarah and I decided to check out the Dirty Apron Cooking School here in Vancouver.  We wanted to gain some additional culinary skills, learn some tricks from the pros and come away with some incredible recipe ideas.  The class that we decided to take was the "Meat Eaters Unite" class where we learned how to make some absolutely stunning dishes.  The menu that we prepared was a 3 course meal consisting of the following:

1st Course:  New Zealand lamb chops with an olive and sun-dried tomato tapenade, with a herb panko crust.  Over a bed of slowly sweated red onions and sherry vinegar, topped with an arugula salad and balsamic drizzle.  *This was our favorite dish*

2nd Course:  Kurobuta (black pig) pork wellington, on a creamy, grainy mustard sauce.  Topped with a pepper, chive and apple slaw.  A dollop of apple mustard on the side for some zing.

3rd Course:  The perfect rib eye steak...  This steak was marinated in some rosemary, thyme, garlic, soy & maple syrup for 2hrs then sent to the grill.  To accompany the steak, we had some green beans, porcini mushrooms and white truffle oil, mashed potatoes.  To finish the dish a shallot, garlic & red wine reduction.

4th Course:   Grand Marnier Créme Brûlée (provided by the staff at the Dirty Apron)

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   Herbed Panko Breadcrumb

   The chops

   The rib eye marinading...

     Sarah having a smell check...

    The finished product (lamb chops)

   Grainy mustard cream sauce

   The finished product (pork wellington)

    A smokey kitchen from all the steaks on the grill

    The final product (the rib eye)

    I love truffle oil... SO good

    Playing with fire... you know.

     Torchin' like a boss!