Stacey & Sarah's Wedding / by jennica hookstra

 It doesn't happen every day when one of your best friends marries her counterpart.
Over the past couple of years, I have had the privilege of getting to know Stacey and I couldn't think of a better person to balance Sarah out and complete her.

They both share incredible whit and a great sense of humor.  Which means, in their company I'm usually bent over, holding my gut and trying to contain my laughter.  The evenings that we have all spent together sharing bottles of wine and great meals are countless.

I was pretty heartbroken when they moved away to Winnipeg late last year... Sarah followed her love Stacey, so that she could finally obtain her dream career.  I've had to put my selfishness aside and refrain from begging them to come back on a daily basis.  But we make up for our time apart by having frequent Skype (wine) dates, filling each other in on our crazy lives.

I could not have been happier watching these two amazing women exchange vows and promise to love each other indefinitely.

Stacey and Sarah I wish you both the world. 
Love you two. xx

A special thanks to my good friend Rob for being a fantastic second shooter.

I chose this song to accompany this love-filled post:

Here are my favorite shots from their beautiful day...

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