Summer time and the livin's easy... / by jennica hookstra

Yes indeed it is.

Especially when you have awesome friends like I do.

It had been a while since I had seen all of these guys, but well worth the wait.  We headed out from the Vancouver Yacht Club where Captain D.W. Hunter took us on a lovely excursion.

We pumped up some good ol' Reggae tunes as we made our way to Jericho Beach.  Upon arrival, we anchored down in front of the beach where we fired up the BBQ, grilled, laughed and enjoyed some refreshing beverages.  As we mingled on the stern (boat lingo for the back of the boat - impressive I know) two young, novice paddle boaters (who shared the vessel) tried to show off their amazing new skills.  The Captain decided to drop the dingy and take the kids for a little cruse on their board back to their parents boat.  They absolutely loved it!
After feeding our bellies we cruised our way into False Creek where we watched the sun fall away behind us.

I had an incredible time and thanks to my 50 SPF sunscreen, I didn't turn out looking like a lobster either!

I am looking forward to more summer adventures with great friends and taking in our beautiful city...

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The Captain

Always wear sunscreen