Chris & Gemma's Wedding / by jennica hookstra

Firstly let me start off by saying, wow!

I had an incredible time in Ladysmith, Vancouver Island.  It was absolutely blissful.  If I ever get married, this is the kind of wedding that I would want...

I was thrilled when Gemma asked me to be the photographer for her get-away wedding.
Overlooking a kiwi orchard and incredible landscape, Kiwi Cove Lodge is a perfect place to wander around with a glass of wine in hand and take it all in.  The acres of lush green land are filled with apple trees, kiwi orchards and even a community garden.  It was easy to fall in love with this place. 

I arrived on a sunny Saturday morning at the lodge.  I was able to have a bit of down time after being up bright and early to catch the ferry over.  While taking in the overwhelming beauty of the scenery, I scouted a few choice locations that would be perfect for some wedding photos. 
After a short while, I realized that it was time to start getting ready for the ceremony.

The ceremony was flawless. 
Gemma looked stunning in her simple, yet sexy wedding dress, while Chris mirrored Prince Charming in is jacket-less suit.  Sun beams poured through the orchard creating a misty hue.  After the "I do's"  we rushed into the lush to create some wedding party, photo magic.

That evening at the reception, there was an uproar of laughs from incredible speeches, amazing dance moves (some of which were my own) and conversations around the campfire. 
I loved how small and intimate this wedding was.  It gave everyone the opportunity to meet one another and even make some new friends.

I had an incredible time at the Evan's wedding.  I met some wonderful people, made some new friends, all while taking in an incredible setting. 

I wish both Gemma & Chris a very happy and healthy life together!

Here is a song that I hand picked to accompany this picturesque shoot:

Please enjoy my favorite photos from our shoot...

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