Matt and Heather's Engagement / by jennica hookstra

It's not everyday that one of my best friends gets engaged, nor is it, that I have the opportunity to do a photoshoot capturing such a wonderful occasion.  Yesterday I had too many laughs to count with my dear friends,  Matt and Heather.  Our playful photoshoot consisted of lightsabers, lego men & suspect literature.  This makes me really appreciate the job that I have where I get to be creative and spend so much time laughing and smiling, especially in this case where it's with people I absolutely love and adore.

I can't wait to witness and be a part of Matt & Heather's wedding.  It will truly be an evening to celebrate.  Congratulations you two.  I can't wait to watch you both grow old together and continue to fight over the remote.  <3

A suiting song post for M&H:

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