Horse Vaulting / by jennica hookstra

It might sound a little unusual to some of you.  It sure did to me, when my Mom told me her horse Maddie was going to be involved in it.  What exactly is "Vaulting" you might ask?  Well here is my interpretation of it...

Basically, you have a horse that goes from a walk, to a trot, perhaps even to a canter (for those who are seasoned vets), while the "vaulter" does incredibly difficult gymnastic style movements on the moving horse.  The vaulters have such incredible upper body strength to be able to lift themselves up onto the horse while running along side it, then put their bodies into incredible poses and hold them.  Meanwhile I can't even do a pull-up!

I've had the opportunity to get to know some pretty incredible horses in my time.  The relationship a rider/ vaulter/ jockey has with their horse is very special.  A deep level of trust have to be instilled in both parties to have a great working relationship.  It's pretty cool to see first hand.  Now you guys have the opportunity to check out my view from the side lines!


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