Amelia & Quoc's Wedding Reception / by jennica hookstra

It was a beautiful September evening where friends and family gathered in the Nguyen's backyard to celebrate the marriage of two special souls who have committed to sharing a life together.

Quoc and I have been friends for over 8 years, 5 of which were spent being roommates and band members.  I was elated to see my friend with a woman who truly makes him happy, challenges him and has also become my friend.  Amelia looked incredible.  There is not really any other word to use to describe her.  Her cheeks were glowing from smiling and her dress was absolutely gorgeous.  Quoc also cleaned up quite nicely in his handsome pinstriped suit.  It was a great day to share laughs, eat amazing Vietnamese cuisine and clink glasses of tasty wine and spirits.

The backyard decor was simply stunning with strung globe lights, bird cages and lace upon lace.  Everything looked elegant and beautiful.  The cake table was probably my favourite.  It was an array of incredible homemade cakes, cookies, cupcakes and decadent delights.  I'm not usually one for desserts but I really have a hard time saying no to cheesecake...

All in all it was a beautiful evening.  I was able to catch up with many old friends and some extended family members whom I hadn't seen in far too long.  I love these two and I can't wait to watch their family blossom and grow.

Best wishes to my dear friends Amelia and Quoc.  xo

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