Jenn & Derek's Engagement / by jennica hookstra

I had a wonderful time yesterday afternoon capturing the love and humour that both Jenn and Derek brought to our shoot.

We strolled through a beautiful, lush path which led us to a private beach where we were able to enjoy the incredible view without another soul in sight.  Jenn and Derek are an absolute hoot to be around. They were both game for anything so I took full advantage of their willingness.  Whether it was climbing up a huge hill and posing at the top for me, or walking the plank on a slippery log with nothing but mud and water to cushion their fall, they were always up for it.

I have know both Jenn and Derek for many years.  I absolutely adore them both.  They are great friends of mine and I can't wait to celebrate their marriage in 2014!

Here's wishing Jenn & Derek a wonderful engagement!  Love you guys!

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