Sunshine Island with Elaine Lil'Bit Shepherd & Paka Music / by jennica hookstra

I don't know what's better...  Being able to reunite with a friend that you've lost touch with after 10 years, or finding out that they have been so incredibly successful in following their passion.  Well I would have to say both!  Not to mention having your own personal concert on the beach.  I was asked by Juno winner & recording artist, Elaine Lil'Bit Shepherd to capture some photos of her for a promo-shoot to launch her new song, dropping this August.

The first time that I heard Elaine sing, we were both competing against each other in RichCity Idol's singing competition.  I knew the second that I heard her voice fill the room, that it was game over for me.  Now, her amazing voice can be heard all over the world!  Let's also not forget the extremely talented Lance Panerio of Paka Music, giving up some smooth vocals that will also be featured in the August single.

Here are some of my favourite shots from our sunset shoot...

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