The Pahl Family / by jennica hookstra

I had a wonderful shoot this past weekend with the Pahl family...

I spent the afternoon with Scott, L


 and their two stunning, blue eye’d little girls. Their eldest daughter Graesha is probably the most photogenic person I have ever encountered.  Neither I, nor my camera, could get enough of her beauty and radiant smile.  Little Lyla on the other hand, went to the beat of her own drum. Equally adorable with those incredible blue eyes and blonde locks, however Lyla wasn’t as interested in playing model and was much more excited about sticks and water bottles.  None the less, this beautiful family was sure able to produce some gorgeous photographs. Even Lyla was patient while we coaxed her into sitting for a photo, instead of exploring and chasing ducks.  Thank you Pahl family for the beautiful afternoon and all of the laughs.


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