Mark & Mish's Mehndi Party / by jennica hookstra

Of all the wedding festivities I have had the privilege of capturing over the years, this was my first ever mehndi party!  It is absolutely fascinating for me to watch the traditions and rituals of other cultures.  I would say that is probably one of my most favourite parts of being a photographer.  This party was no different.  I was able to get my first dose of some henna action.  I had anticipated that this would be something that would take quite a long period of time.  However, the image of my hand below with the henna on it took the lady about a minute to complete.  I don't even think I could complete a stick man in the time she completed the incredible design on my hand.  

The first evening of Mark and Nimisha's 3 day wedding celebration was a great way to kick things off. Celebrating with their closest friends and family the evening was full of laughs, food, wine, dancing and fun!  After a delicious meal consisting of pakoras, chicken tikki masla, poppadoms and much much more, we danced the night away with drums, tambourines, shakers and lots of singing.  It was a riot!

Best wishes to you both Mark and Nimisha on your beautiful wedding and new life together as a married couple.  xo

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