Stephanie & Ryan / by jennica hookstra

I headed out to Harrison Hot Springs this past weekend 

to capture the beautiful wedding of Stephanie & Ryan.  

The back drop for their ceremony is one of the most incredible views I have had for a wedding location to date. The view was spectacular!  Both Ryan and Steph were so incredibly warm and inviting, they made you feel right at home.  Their friends and family were equally lovely and I couldn’t have enjoyed myself more.  Stephanie looked flawless in her 100 year old, family laced dress and Ryan looked equally dapper in his plaid vest & bow tie.  The unique fishing influence that made its way so tastefully into the details of the wedding, was my absolute favourite.  Other than those pesky mosquitos, the day and evening went along seamlessly.  The weather was perfect, the food was amazing and the dancing… well even I couldn’t resist busting a move.

Congratulations Steph & Ryan on your perfect summer wedding!

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