Christina and Allan's Wedding / by jennica hookstra

For a September wedding, I don't think Christina and Allan could have had better weather.  It was hot, beautiful and there wasn’t a cloud in sight!

We started off the day a little "unconventionally" by shooting some fun bridal party photos at Westminster Pier Park.  This was the first time the bride and groom saw each other in all of their stunning glory.  

They both looked incredible.

This group of guys and gals were full of energy and they were so much fun to work with.  We were able to capture some stunning shots and had a ton of laughs while in the process.  After having some fun in the sun, we decided to escape the heat by cooling off at a local lounge, drink.
 Here, we had a chance freshen up and the group shared some cocktails and nachos.

As much fun as we were having at the lounge, it was time to make our way to Glenbrook Park & Amenities
 for the ceremony and reception.  This beautiful "Vintage" style wedding had so many cute and personal touches of both Christina and Allan.
The ceremony was filled with both tears and laugher.  Both the Bride and Groom recited their own vows which were witty, funny and heartfelt.  After an exchange of rings and a kiss, Christina & Allan now shared the same last name!
Following the ceremony was the reception.  
There were some absolutely hilarious speeches that had the crowd in an uproar.  A perfect belly warm-up before dinner was served.  

This was my kind of wedding... a southern style BBQ complete with pulled pork, Cajun chicken, cornbread, corn on the cob, coleslaw and much more.  Absolutely delicious!  Once dinner finished, we had a chance to digest over a few more speeches and then the "Pie Table" was set.  This was something I had never seen before and I thought it was a fantastic idea!  A variety of beautifully crafted, locally made pies, covered the table.  Accompanied with real vanilla and strawberry ice cream of course!
With full bellies and smiling faces it was time for some music.  Christina's sister Lisa, got the night started by preforming a beautiful rendition of "a thousand years" (by Christina Perri).  A hard act to follow but the dj's pumped up the tunes as the couple had their first dance.  They were then joined by the majority of the room and continued to dance the night away.
I had an incredible time laughing and capturing the Muir wedding.  
I wish both Christina and Allan a happy and beautiful life together.

Here is to "a thousand years" together:
Below are my favorite photos from the Muir's beautiful wedding...

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