Jen, Josiah & Topper / by jennica hookstra

I had a great time doing a photoshoot with Jen, Josiah and their recently adopted German Shepard, Topper.  It was Topper's first time at an off leash dog park and he was more than excited!  Not only was it his first time at the park, but it was also his first photoshoot experience!

Jen & Josiah had spent a lot of their free time volunteering at LAPS (Langley Animal Protection Society) as dog walkers.  When Topper came the facility, the two of them fell instantly in love with the big bear.  They had to have him!

It was quite upsetting to hear about Topper's life before Jen & Josiah adopted him.  He had spent the majority of his adolescent life tied up to a fence on a farm.  For the past 3 months the family of 3 have been working together with a dog trainer at the adoption center, continuing Toppers rehabilitation into a loving, social environment.
Having not had a lot of socializing with other dogs, Topper was a bit on the excited/nervous side...  He soon settled after we walked him around for a bit.

I am a HUGE dog/animal lover. 
I really enjoy working with animals and testing my patience when it comes to photographing them.  Topper was no exception.  He was a lot of dog to work with...  All 100+lbs of him.  However, he was a really good boy.  He listened quite well for the most part.  He sat, stayed and posed perfectly for the camera.  Something that many of my human subjects have a difficult time with. He he he...

Jen & Josiah were absolutely lovely.  They were such warm hearted people, we got along so well.  In fact, we are already planning a doggy play date to bring together Topper and my dog Kai. 
I had a great time capturing their happy little family.

Here is a song that I thought suited our shoot together:

Please find my favorite photos from our photo-date...

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