Tegan & Sara Live at The Peak Performance Lounge / by jennica hookstra


So you know how 12 year old girls feel about Justin Bieber?  Well that's sort of how I feel about Tegan & Sara.  I have been to 7 of their concerts over the years and I absolutely adore them both.  These Calgary raised Canadian girls, broke out into the Indie music scene in 2004 and have been getting some serious radio play ever since.  Their hilarious combative banter on stage, combined with their raw emotional performances truly set Tegan & Sara apart from other artists.

While at work, I was listening to The Peak radio station (102.7).  They were giving away 50 spots for The Peak Performance Lounge to watch the girls play a 4 song set, followed by a meet & greet.  Well yours truly here was the lucky caller on the last day of the contest give away.  I called up my good friend Carly and asked her if she would be my date.  She loves T&S too so we were both thrilled and grateful to be able to share the experience.

A big thank you to The Peak for such a great experience, and an even bigger thank you to Teagan & Sara for continuing to be awesome and keeping my ears happy.

Their new album "Heartthrob" is to be released Jan 29th, 2013!  Get it.

Here is my all time favorite Tegan & Sara song:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9B-MluGscaE

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