Yoga with Kathryn / by jennica hookstra

I had a lovely shoot the other evening with Yoga instructor, Kathryn Turnbull.  She teaches at the Roundhouse in downtown Vancouver.
She has been practicing yoga for 30 years and recently in the last 3 years, started teaching.  She teaches a beginners "namaste" class where people can learn to endure the physical challenge of yoga.
I myself have tried Bikrams and other yoga routines (such as the one provided in the P90X program).  I must admit that I do not have the physical or mental stamina to practice these routines on a regular basis.  The challenge that yoga provides over other forms of exercise is the sustainability of each pose.  I have never sweated so hard in my life as I have while doing an hour and a half of yoga.  It was the butt kicking of a life time!
So if you yourself are a "yogi", hats off to you for being a powerhouse.  Anyone reading this that thinks yoga is a sissy sport, I DARE you to try it.  If you're a beginner wanting to take on this challenge check out Kathryn's website and sign yourself up for a class! 
Kathryn's Website:

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