Lilly Grace / by jennica hookstra

On Sunday afternoon I went over and visited with Courtney and Jason to capture their new little bundle of joy.  In all of her glory, Lilly Grace was simply too cute for words...

Being patient is hard enough as an adult when you're trying to capture a good photo.  When you're a baby, it's a whole other ball game.  I was honestly very surprised with just how good little miss Lilly was.  Not only was she absolutely adorable she put up with a lot of poses including sharing the lime light with her fur-siblings, Carlos and Sanchez.  Courtney and Jason were very lucky that I didn't go home with of their fur babies.  They both would fit in very well at my house!  Their personalities were too funny for words and it took me a solid few minutes to get to my feet after Carols (the smaller of the two) greeted me so lovingly at the door.  He managed to intwine himself into my scarf and I thought I might have had to start sporting a new fashion statement. 

I had a wonderful time meeting beautiful Lilly Grace and I can't wait to watch her grow up!

Thanks for all of the fun Nicolas!

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